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DRBD®️ Proxy provides two significant advantages: data compression and cache operations. The biggest problems for disaster recovery solutions are when the connection between the two locations is cut off or when the connection quality is low.

Success Cases

Secure Payment Systems: "case study Secure Payment Systems"

After diligent research, Secure Payment Systems chose DRBD® software for their local High Availability needs. Since DRBD can replicate data in a transaction safe manner, customer data is protected during hardware failures. For their new Disaster Recovery requirement, LINBIT’s DRBD Proxy Software fi t their regulatory needs. DRBD Proxy enables data to be compressed and replicated across long distances. Secure Payment Systems’ IT systems stay up and running in multiple locations across North America, allowing IT continuity —even during entire site outages. After evaluating cost, implementation stress, portability, reliability, support, and mission critical performance, Secure Payment Systems concluded that LINBIT is best in class.

The National Library of Medicine: "case study The National Library of Medicine"

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) faced a number of challenging obstacles while rebuilding their IT infrastructure. Their project had very ambitious goals, providing a biomedical image search engine to the general public with: High Performance clustered storage, fully redundant fault tolerant architecture with no single point of failure, and a means of scaling an effective search engine application. NLM chose DRBD® and DRBD® Proxy because they offered the flexibility, performance, uptime, and reliability the it was looking for, all while meeting their budgetary requirements. LINBIT’s reputation as a leader in High Availability made it a clear and simple decision on integrating DRBD® into NLM’s technology portfolio.

Barkman Honey: "case study Barkman Honey"

The challenge for Barkman Honey was to find software that could provide constant access to host their growing infrastructure. This included at least 25 virtual machines, a mail server messaging application, a firewall, and their internal SQL cluster. After an exhaustive search, J.R. Lillard chose DRBD® and DRBD Proxy®. As a system administrator, he knows that he needs block level replication in order to replicate all of Barkman Honey‘s applications in real-time. Using DRBD® and DRBD Proxy®, Barkman has exceeded their High Availability and Disaster Recovery goals.

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