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Mender enables developers and device makers to adapt to an evolving product landscape by managing and deploying all device software remotely, worldwide.

Success Cases

Siemens: "Siemens"

The Engineering team at Siemens Mobile Communications uses Mender to update digital cab radios for Network Rail. Mender delivers robust updates over LTE-R to trains running at speeds in excess of 500km/h.

Gunnebo: "Gunnebo"

“I like Mender because we can customize the update process on both the device and server sides. It gives us control and flexibility to match our specific workflow needs.”

Macgregor: "Macgregor"

Mender focuses on OTA software updates and it is highly robust which is what MacGregor needs. It reliably pushes the updates to the customers premises. Furthermore, product security is enabled and amplified by an open source community that is growing and expanding, and as such improves the Mender Enterprise solution. The services from Mender are delivered in a proper and excellent manner and the functionality of Mender was clearly explained to the MacGregor project team at an early stage so they could better manage their milestones. The Mender services were delivered in a timely manner within the project deadlines and this has created high levels of customer satisfaction with the service.

Northvolt: "Northvolt"

Mender’s way of doing OTA software updates by having a separate A and B partition means that Northvolt can do brick free upgrades of software to IoT devices both in the field with battery systems but also in the factories where the battery cells and battery systems are manufactured.

Vaillant Group: "Vaillant Group"

We selected Mender for the high technology, for being able to provide secure software updates to embedded devices. Also, its long history in community engagement through open source and the Mender Hub, and very good reputation in the world of embedded engineers

Airmoniq: "Airmoniq"

Boats do not have constant GSM coverage, and Mender allows us to automatically update our core software when a boat reaches GSM coverage

Ather: "Ather"

The Mender UI is very easy to use to do OTA updates. The learning is quite easy for less technical people who actually do these updates. We don’t have to explain the technical details of how Mender interface works.

beegy: "beegy"

With Mender, there is no effort involved with maintaining the infrastructure for the update functionality. The support from the Mender team is also very good.

BenchSentry: "BenchSentry"

Jen highlights the key benefits of Mender as reliability and responsiveness. Jen explains that the smart boxes are quite expensive to ship to and from a customer. “It costs $70 to transport one of these boxes in the US, so if there is failure, the customer will not ship the box back. BenchSentry will have to send them a new one and carry that cost.” Also, if the device fails, Jen adds there is no way for the BenchSentry team to troubleshoot, fix or redeploy the software updates. These factors make Mender’s high level of reliability with the A/B partition update roll backs all the more crucial

Blokable: "Blokable"

We did look at a couple of competitors and Mender in terms of features, robustness, security and cost together made it an easy solution for us to choose.

GridX: "GridX"

Atomic updates with built-in rollback is a key requirement. We need to make sure our devices continue to work with automated rollback if the update didn’t take for any reason. Mender provided that crucial capability.

Iotas: "Iotas"

We tried a number of OTA tools and Mender was by far the easiest to integrate into our board. The Mender community was also very active which eased our concerns around support for this new product we are deploying.

Kinestral: "Kinestral"

Deploying software updates can induce a good amount of unease. With Mender, we can now confidently deploy OTA as security and reliability are central and not an afterthought.

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