Solution / Technology: Wendelin Managed Big Data

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Wendelin Managed Big Data
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Wendelin is a big data framework designed for industrial applications based on python, NumPy, Scipy and other NumPy based libraries. It uses at its core the NEO distributed transactional NoSQL database to store petabytes of binary data. Wendelin combines the performance of scikit-learn machine learning with NEO distributed storage in order to provide out-of-core processing of large data sets. Its goal is to bring the best open source, big data engine based on Numpy python technologies and gather a wide community of contributors of new data analytics algorithms.

Success Cases

Eureka programme: "WINDELIN - Predictive Maintenance and Optimisation of Wind Turbines using an open-source Big Data Machine Learning Cloud"

WINDELIN is a R & D project developed under Eureka programme using machine learning and big data technologies for anomaly detection and predictive maintenance inside wind turbines.

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