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Nextcloud Hub
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Hub integrates the three key Nextcloud products Files, Talk and Groupware into a single platform, optimizing the flow of collaboration. Eliminate the confusing hodgepodge of different SaaS tools and the compliance, security, cost and productivity issues that come with it and standardize on a single solution with Nextcloud Hub.

Success Cases

Centre de gestion informatique de éducation: "Setup and operation of an on-premise Nextcloud cluster"

Establishment of a data cloud as a GDPR-compliant platform for teachers in Luxembourg. In 2020, the CGIE launched a Nextcloud service to provide about 15000 teachers and staff members with a GDPR compliant file storage.

SIB: "Nextcloud for 33K middle school students in France"

SIB provides infrastructures to teachers and pupils: computers, servers, hosted applications, networks and support. To modernize their former file system with new requirements (remote access, multidevices compatibility, advanced collaboration features on documents, advanced sharing features and share groups) they chose Nextcloud

IVZ: "Germany’s public radio and television deploys Nextcloud"

Extensive use of Nextcloud for easy transfer of multi-gigabyte sized audio/video files from remote locations to processing studios in Germany

DEGES: "Building a platform for efficient collaboration that is ready for the future"

Project space for document exchange and collaboration with hundreds of external participants

KAS: "Keeping data secure for a globally distributed organization working with politically sensitive data"

Users at the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung regularly uploaded files to public cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive. The social and politically sensitive work done by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung created a strong motivation to look for a file sharing solution that IT could control. KAS started their own cloud project named ‘the KASCloud’ in 2015, building on ownCloud 7. In 2017, they decided to migrate to Nextcloud because of its capabilities to authenticate users against our LDAP directory in combination with the open source strategy.

TU Berlin: "tubCloud migration to Nextcloud 11"

May 2017 the Technische Universität Berlin migrated from ownCloud 9.1 to Nextcloud 11, achieving over 38 % lower database load at peak times. This brought faster service for users as well as user interface improvements and better security. The migration was planned and executed in under 4 weeks without any problems and did not need the stand-by support from Nextcloud. This case study details the architecture and infrastructure at the TU Berlin, migration planning and execution as well as the results.

North-West University: "North-West University improves user storage mobility with Nextcloud and Collabora Online"

North-West University improves user storage mobility with Nextcloud and Collabora Online

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