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Nitrokeys protect emails, files, hard drives, server certificates and online accounts using cryptography. Your private keys are always stored securely in the Nitrokey hardware and can't be stolen. The device is PIN-protected and is secured against brute force and hardware attacks. Backups protect against loss.

Success Cases

Unknown: "Measurement data acquisition in underwater drones"

The customer develops underwater drones for military and civilian use. The civilian underwater drones use Nitrokey storage to store measurement data reliably and securely. A special Nitrokey storage with a maximum capacity of 400 GB is used for this purpose. Nitrokey's open source tools allow easy and flexible integration of PIN activation and locking into the underwater drone control system. This ensures that the measurement data remains secure at all times, even if the underwater drone is lost.

Unknown: "Protection of automatic machines"

The client is an internationally operating slot machine manufacturer. To provide the machines with a non-cloneable cryptographic identity, Nitrokey Start is installed. It is used to encrypt sensitive data and program code and to implement secure firmware updates. With Nitrokey Start, security is guaranteed at a reasonable price, even for large volumes.

Unknown: "PKI of an IoT platform"

The client is a leading international manufacturer of lighting equipment and offers an open IoT platform for this purpose. All IoT devices on this platform connect via TLS to servers that are authenticated using their X.509 certificates. Since a compromise of these certificates or keys could allow all IoT devices to be compromised, their security is basic. For this reason, several Nitrokey HSMs are used to securely store the corresponding cryptographic keys. By using encrypted key backups of Nitrokey HSMs, a PKI can be implemented in a cost-effective manner, with reliable operation guaranteed for decades.

Unknown: "PCI DSS Compliance"

The client is one of the world's leading credit card providers. For PCI DSS-compliant operation, the hard drives of the critical servers are fully encrypted. The keys for this are securely stored in several Nitrokey Pros. These are connected to separate servers and are linked to the critical servers via a specially developed but simple network interface. The entire system is redundantly designed and was developed, deployed and tested in just a few days. Using Nitrokey Pro therefore offers a reliable, secure and cost-effective solution for achieving PCI DSS compliance.

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