Solution / Technology: IoT Device Management

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IoT Device Management
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IoT configuration management for Linux, with built-in automations to handle all needs (passwords, updates, NTP servers, forewall, etc.) and can be accessed through a Rest API

Success Cases

Kilter AS: "Device Management helps agriculture robot to reduce herbicides by 95%"

Development of an autonomous agricultural robot equipped with an high precison GPS, that only drops herbicide where it detects weeds, reducing by up to 95% the use of herbicides

Lisi AEROSPACE: "Innovative asset monitoring solution – LISI AEROSPACE"

This use case study describes how an innovative asset monitoring solution was implemented with The outcome was a faster, more reliable and cost effective solution for production asset monitoring in an industry 4.0 context. It also handles remote access and continuous updates of the application software in a CI/CD flow.

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