Solution / Technology: Service lifecycle automation

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Service lifecycle automation
Free / Open Source


Open source platform and IDE to create fully automated, cloud native services and applications.

Success Cases

City of Munich: "use case"

A custom version of Wendelin, the technology used by Rapid.Space BDH, is used by Woelfel GmbH to collect data, process it and produce reports. It is hosted on premise by Woelfel and operated automatically thanks to Rapid.Space SLA.

Nexedi SA: "use case"

Nexedi uses Rapid.Space SLA to automate the provisionning of more tban 500 ERP5 development environments to its developers on 10 different clouds (AWS, OVH, VMWare, etc). This also enforces the same best practices and quality standards worldwide. By combining and extending 46 standard components which are part of Rapid.Space SLA, Nexedi was able to make its own PaaS customised for ERP5 and deliver ERP5 as SaaS to more than 100 customers.

BIP&GO: "use case"

Rapid.Space SLA is used to automate the operation of Bipandgo blling platform deployed on BSO infrastructure

C-Astral: "use case"

C-Astral is a leading drone manufacturer in Slovenia. C-Astral has deployed Rapid.Space SLA on small ARM boards from Olimex to automate drone guidance. Each drone uses Rapid.Space SDN to exchange information with other drones and with the base station. Rapid.Space SLA supports hard real time operating system based on PREEMPT_RT. Rapid.Space SDN supports priority queues and TSN to distinguish best effort traffic (ex. images) from high priority traffice (ex. drone position)

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