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Codesys Automation Server
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For the administration of compatible devices, an industry 4.0 platform is available, which allows, for example, the storage of projects in source and binary code via web browser and their download to connected devices. The platform is hosted in a public cloud.

Success Cases

Inasoft GmbH: "Inasoft and Autowaschtechnik AWT AG"

Autowaschtechnik AWT AG sells turnkey car wash centers under the brand name Soft Car Wash . In addition to optimum cleaning results, AWT AG attaches particular importance to the economical use of resources as well as careful waste and process water cleaning. The use of intelligent control technology in the plants is of vital importance in achieving these goals. The company relies on CODESYS-based systems for this purpose. The associated control applications and visualizations are developed and optimized by the experienced Swiss system integrator Inasoft GmbH.

Fliegl Group: "Fliegl Group | RondoDry"

In its Energy division, the Fliegl Group focuses on saving and recovering valuable energy. The RondoDry treatment plant for liquid manure and digested residues evaporates up to 4,000 mĀ³ of water per year, thus removing around 70 % of the ammonium nitrogen from the liquid manure. As a result, the liquid manure contains less nitrogen when spread on the land, and storage, transport, and spreading costs are significantly reduced. Another positive effect of the treatment: Heat and biogas are released and can be used for heating and power generation.

Packsize Technologies AB: "Packsize Technologies AB"

With On Demand PackagingĀ®, Packsize offers intelligent packaging solutions: The smallest possible packaging is created for each product, exactly when it is needed. The benefits: Significantly less packaging material, optimized throughput in the supply chain thanks to small packages. The M1 machine series is automated with CODESYS-based controllers from Berghof Automation.Packaging - as - a - Service concept, Packsize offers not only hardware but also software. Improvements for both hard- and software can be derived from the production data. Updates for the machines are provided every two months.

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