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Dawex Data Exchange Platform is a fully customized white-label SaaS platform to distribute, source, commercialize and/or orchestrate data ecosystems. Dawex Data Exchange Platform incorporates a Data Exchange governance model encapsulating control and security, traceability, licensing and regulatory compliance. Operated in managed, distributed or decentralized mode, supporting various data exchange business models (free, subscription, transactional, performance-based).

Success Cases

Agdatahub: "Agdatahub, a groundbreaking agricultural Data Exchange"

Agdatahub has made available a secure data exchange platform to meet the needs of farmers and sectors. This API-AGRO platform aims to guarantee the development of digital agriculture in France and Europe, to help the actors of the agricultural sector to adapt to the market changes and to value the data they collect every day. Agdatahub relies on Dawex Data Exchange technology to operate a secure ecosystem and offer a shared and sovereign platform that allows the European agricultural community to disseminate, exchange, share and value its data

Dawex: "COVID-19 Data Exchange, an initiative to curb the virus’ propagation and limit its economic impact"

From the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, various institutions like the World Health Organization or the European Union stressed that facilitating data circulation was critical to impede the virus’ dissemination and address the consequences it generated. In March 2020, Dawex launched the COVID-19 Data Exchange, a pro bono initiative aiming at facilitating the access and exchange of non-personal data between public and private organizations.

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